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Djembe Hats Story

I began to offer handmade djembe hats to the public after receiving so many positive comments about my own djembe hat, which is pictured to the left. as "The ORIGINAL African Durm Cover". However, the real story traces it's roots back to my son, Omar, who introduced me to the musical art of drumming. This is just one of his many talents. His entertainment group is based in Los Cabos, Mexico and performs internationally. His website is underway and will showcase a photo gallery.Until then, I have posted a video where you can see him juggling swords and fire. You will also see and hear him drumming with his djembe, enjoy!

Back to my story... Many positive compliments later, I decided to bring my djembe hats online for others to enjoy. A well-established web presence, new styles, wholesale accounts and national craft shows are all in motion for Djembe Hats. My djembe hats exist because I love drumming, I love decoracting my drum, and I love listening to others drum! Drummers use our products every day surrounded by friends. I know this and I am very proud of my craftsmanship. I have heard stories of how much other drummers love the djembe hats and djembe straps I have personally made with great pride and care. This touches me deeply and that is why I love what I do. Word-of-mouth has been my best advertising and it will continue to keep me motivated.

What makes Djembe Hats a great choice? Customer service. Customer service is my number one priority and that is one thing that will never change. I guarantee 100% satisfaction. As an actual drummer and artisan, I know what it takes. Djembe Hats is a family owned business. So, you can count on me, and my family to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase or I will refund your money. If you have any questions about our products, please contact me. Thank you for visiting our site and please enjoy your family.


Sue Leyva


Djembe Hats - the ORIGINAL

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