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Djembe Hats for Djembes
Djembes need the best protection.

Don't leave home without one! Accidents against a sharp edge will cut a costly hole in the drum head.

Our hats are a great investment for your djembes.
  • Padded top provides style and optimal protection for the drum head, while the elastic binding provides a secure fit.
  • Doubles as a practice pad so you can play your djembe quietly at home or while traveling with your African djembe equipment
  • Each djembe hat is handmade with the highest quality material. Djembes will look great and be protected!

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Djembe Hats is a Pioneer!
The original handmade custom hats.

We are very proud that our products helped motivate others to produce similar African Djembe Hats. After a long break, we have made a come back!
  • Our focus remains on high quality djembe products and more importantly, great customer service!
  • Each of our djembe hats is still handmade. In fact, all our djembe accessories are made by hand!
  • Our new website builds on the foundation of our original online store with new features to enhance the feel of your entire online shopping experience.

Read our Djembe Hats Story.

High quality gear for Djembes
Don't settle for cheap djembe hats!

Our craftmanship and and materials speak for themselves. Please take a moment to check out the quality that goes into each djembe hat.

Don't settle for anything less than we offer.
  • Others offer a single design with a huge logo advertising their web site (tacky and cheap djembe hats)!
  • Others may offer quality, but mass produce "factory made", cookie cutter designs (boring and cheap djembe hats)!
  • Others offer African designs, but send you a random pattern and color (really cheap djembe hats)!

Check out our Djembe Hat Quality.

Djembe Hats - the ORIGINAL

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